Family Games at Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about the festive entertainment. More specifly family games!

We have been sent 2 new games from Flair to test out and see if they are Christmas Day worthy games. Shoot the Poop and Pick Up Pete are both suitable for ages 5 years plus and can be played with 2 or more people. Perfect for being boredum busters around the festive season.

Shoot the Poop is a 2 player game and is so simple and easy to set up. It take around a minute to get everything about the box and ready to play. It is suitable for ages 5 years and over. The idea of the game is to shoot the play poop in to the toilet. It may sound easy but it is a game of skill and you have to find out the best way to shoot and how far away from the toilet you need to be. The toilet speaks and has a interative element too as he speaks. The person to shoot all their poop in to the toilet first wins. The kids found this game very amusing and it was easy to set up and out away. We love it!

The second game is Pick Up Pete. This game we had a bit more trouble with. The idea of the game is to stack the chairs as the car goes round in circle and however stacks their chairs on first without them falling off. The car was a bit temperamental and the wheel keep getting stuck. It took some sorting out but after doing it, the kids did have fun. Just be warned of this before purchasing.

Shoot the Poop is priced at £26.99 and is available from Smyths and Pick Up Pete is priced at £22 and is available from Argos.

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