Trying Out The IDO3D Ultra Kit!

Might seem confusing but it is pronounced EYE DO THREE DEE. The IDO3D is a kit that allows children to create their very own 3D creations. But what did we think?

Children can use the 3D pens to make whatever their imagination allows. The pens use a special ink and a spotlight to set the ink. It can take seconds to set the ink so your children’s creations are instant.

In the kit, there are 4 pens provided as well as the spotlight, stencils and tracing sheet. It is everything that your child needs to make 3D creations. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3D!

As well as the 4 pen set there are 2 and 8 pen sets. The largest 8 pen set can create up to 20 3D projects.

Using the 3D pens, your child can draw horizontally, vertically and up in the air! They will be amazed at what they can make. Elsa used the IDO3D pens and although they do take some patients to get used to, once she knew how to use them with the light, she made some incredible projects!

It is easy to set up and the trickiest thing is to work out how best to hold them and how hard to squeeze them. Elsa decided to freestyle and create shapes using the stencils that are included. She loved it so much that she used up all 4 pens in one day! She was playing with it for a good few hours though so it was understandable that they ran out! Elsa has already asked for more!

The IDO3D range is available from Smyths Toys and range in price.

Disclaimer – This contains gift items

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