Introducing Morphle!

I love introducing my children to new brands, characters or shows. It opens their little minds to so much more fun and encourages them to want to learn more and explore life around them.

Introducing Morphle. A new children’s TV show that follows a young girl called Mia and her energenic and magical pet called Morphle. Morphle can transform into anything that his or Mia’s heart desires from a puppy to a truck to a dinosaur, the possibilities are endless. Morphle is ideal for preschool aged children so from the ages of 2-5 years. It teaches them a wide range of things from friendship, problem solving and being creative. It is great for encouraging them to be anything that their heart desires and there are no limits.

To go along with the hit TV show, there is a range of toys that are now available. These can be brought from Smyths Toys Superstores and Amazon. There are toys from a talking plush to a figure set to vehicles for your little one to play with.

Brody was set a few from the range to introduce him to Morphle. He received 2 vehicle toys, a regular plush and a 2 piece figure set. The toys are suitable for children aged 2 years and above. The Morphle toys are just like the TV show. Bright, colourful and really fun for little ones.

The price point of the toys is great and they are avaiable at major retailers too. The Morphle toys are great for at home indoor or outdoor play and they can be played with while your child watches the TV show, this encourages creativity and imangitive play.

Brody is loving the Morphle toys and TV show!

Links to find out more or purchase:

Morphle figure set

Morphle talking plush

Morphle dough set

Morphle vehicles

Morphle regular plush

Disclaimer – We were gifted these in exchange for a blog post

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