How Do You Prepare Your Kids for the Big Move?

Kids are notoriously adaptable. They can make friends easily, they’re resilient, and they’re always up for a new adventure. But even the most adaptable kids have their limits – and moving to a new city or country is often way beyond those limits. So how do you prepare your kids for the big move? Here are four tips to help them adjust to their new surroundings quickly and smoothly.

Talk to Them About It

When you move to a new place, you will want to talk to your kids about it. Talking to them will help you prepare them for the big move. However, you must make sure you let them know beforehand because you don’t want their lives to be turned upside down by the surprise of moving.

Make Lists Together

Make lists together about what you need to pack up and take with you. This includes clothes, books, toys, or something special you would like your children to have with them while they are away from home.  Even simple food or snacks can be included in the list.

You may also request their opinion on a location or a particular property, and you may allow them to submit an article. Then, by using the article they wrote into your selection process, you can make an informed decision about their opinions of the place.

Culminate Interests You Currently Share Into One List

You can also make a cumulative interest you currently share into one list. If you create that kind of list, it will be easier to think about what you would like your kids to do while adjusting to their new homes.

Let Them Bring Something Special With Them

You can ask your kids if there is anything they would like to take with them which reminds them of home. It has to be something meaningful to you and nothing else, so you want to let your kids think about it for a day or two, then you can ask them again.

Go For a Road Trip to Scout Out Where You Are Moving To

Find safe routes you would take with your children on a possible road trip you want your whole family to go on so you can scout out the new place you are moving to.


With the big move coming up, it’s essential to make sure your children are mentally prepared. By talking with them about what is happening and helping them get excited about their new life, you can help ease any fears. It also helps to visit the place where they will live before moving there so that their vision of it isn’t just a house on Google Maps or in pictures but instead an entire neighborhood filled with people who love living there. Letting your child know that they have permission to express their feelings around this change should be reassuring enough. Plus, hosting a send-off party gives everyone one last chance to say goodbye while celebrating all the memories made together over these past few years.

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