Pachee Belt Backpack Review

Introducing Pachee – The belt-backpack that allow children to earn patches and express their individuality. Myself and Elsa have been testing out the Pachee bag over the last few weeks and this is what we thought of the Pachee experience so far!

Pachee was created with the idea that children could earn patches for achievements but also show their culture and individuality through the patches which can be ironed on to the belt-backpack. Pachee also have a great section on their website all about the sustainability and footprint behind the brand. Their mission is to make smaller changes that add up to a bigger impact.

The belt-backpack is priced at £30 but you can purchase a set which includes a belt-backpack and 2 patches to get you started and that is priced at £35. The belt-backpack is available in 4 colours; purple, yellow, blue and green. The bags feature a large backpack and a smaller bag attached to the front. This can be removed to create a separate backpack and belt bag. The patches can be placed on the belt bag and the backpack. The bag would make a great school bag as it has many compartments and is the ideal size. It has padding on the back of the bag too for extra comfort.

The patches are priced at £5.99 and there are many to choose from. Each of them is different and there are great for achievements such as bravery, courage, sport and even medical appointment. There are also patches for equality and indivulatity. One of our favourites is ‘ Everyone is part of the same rainbow’ and ‘what is normal?’. It is incredible to see these kinds of messages on items for children. Equlity and diversity is so important.

Adding the patches to the bag is very easy and takes around a minute a patch. You use your iron at home and choose where you want your patches to sit on the backpack or belt bag. We found it very easy to do and Elsa already has her eye on more badges!

When it comes to Elsa’s experiences with Pachee, she loves it! She is planning on using it as her school bag. The blue colour stands out and the personalisation feature with the patches is something that Elsa loves. She wants to achieve more to get herself more badges. It is a great initiative to try your best.

It is an amazing idea for children and the badges are incredible! The messages that they send are so important. We are going to be putting an order in for even more patches from Patchee!

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Find out more over on Pachee

Disclaimer – We were kindly sent this from Pachee

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