Our EEG Experience

Back in September time, we noticed that Cleo had begun to space out and what looked like day dreaming a lot. More than normal. After speaking to so many different people, it looks like Cleo has absent epilepsy and so begins our epilepsy journey…

We have a diary and we try and take photos and videos when we catch her having what looks like an absent seizure but the one thing that needed to be done was an EEG.

An EEG is a test that records the brains activity. It painless and Cleo’s appointment was around an hour long. Little sensors are placed on the scalp with a special paste. The machine records and it shows the brains activity and it can pick up on brain activity that could indicate a condition such as epilepsy.

Now Cleo has had it done, it should take about 3 weeks for test results. It is going to be a tense few weeks until we get those results but I am so glad that the EEG has finally been done.

Cleo didn’t feel anything and luckily she sat on the chair and let the person carry out the test. We did research before hand and explained everything to her and showed her that someone was going to place little stickers on her head and I have to say that I think that helped. It is nerve wracking and I was so worried that she wasn’t going to sit still but a big tip would be that bribery can help ALOT!

I did some recording of Cleo’s EEG and you can watch it in our Instagram Reel:

Has your child ever had an EEG done?

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