B-Kind Dolls – A New Sustainable Way To Play

We live close to the sea and we want to be as sustainable and eco as we can. We want to protect the area at all costs. Children’s toy aren’t the most eco thing but that is about to change with the new B-Kind Dolls.

B-Kind dolls are a line of eco friendly dolls. They promote kindness and help inspire children to think about the world and the items that we use. The messages that B-Kind dolls help spread is like nothing that we have seen before. It is all about being kind, creative and compassionate.

There are 5 dolls to collect; Brianna, Koral, Ive, Nora and Daisy. Each doll is made from recycled materials and they all wear eco clothing. The packaging that the dolls come in is also eco and sustainable. It can be recycled and the ink is made from Soybeans! It is safe to say that every aspect of being eco and sustainable has been thought about when it comes to the B-Kind Dolls. Every doll comes with a DIY activity too and the box has features that tie in to it being eco; the handle for the box turns in to a bracelet and the box is also a kindness board which encourages children to think about kindness and ways that they can add kindness to the world.

Elsa received Koral which fits perfectly as we are by the sea. Korals motto is ‘Keep the sea plastic free.’ and we could agree more. It seems with the B-Kind dolls that the ways to play are endless. Everything has been carefully thought about and nothing that comes with the doll is not used in play. Each 31cm doll comes with an outfit and accessories, a DIY activity and a pillow pet friend- Koral’s is a turtle! Koral encourages children to care for the oceans and keep them clean.

The dolls themselves are absoultely beautiful! This an new and incredible way to create toys and we love it!

B-Kind dolls are priced at £29.99 and are available from Smyths Toys.

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