Introducing DoodleJamz! – A Mess Free Sensory Experience 

Having sensory toys and activities for your children is a great way to get their brain working. Sensory toys are there to get more than one sense working at a time. They are not just for children that need extra sensory stimulation due to ASD, all children of any age can benefit from toys with a sensory element. 

That is where DoodleJamz comes in. They are a unique and innovative toy that comes in 2 styles – beads and gel or 2 coloured layers of gel. Each comes in a plastic frame and comes with a stylist and removable background. The background can be removed and changed in to any paper that will fit in the plastic frame so even your own pictures can be used in DoodleJamz. The DoodleJamz website has a resizer feature for any photo so it will always be the right size for the frame. 

You can visit the DoodleJamz website here and it is jam packed with idea for backgrounds and way to inspire children to use DoodleJamz. Simply use the website, print and have endless hours of fun with the backgrounds that you pick for your frames!

To see how we played with DoodleJamz check out our reel below:

Jellypics have transparent jelly with different colour squishy beads which can be moved around easily with the stylist or your finger. This one is great when it comes to selfies and pictures of faces. You can create different facial features such as a new hair style or beard. This one Elsa loved. She really enjoyed being creative with the faces that came with the DoodleJamz Jellypics and it allowed her to be as creative as she wanted to be. 

Jellyboards have 2 layers of coloured jelly. The 2 layers create an incredible sensory experience. It allows you to create double colour art work and it is great with both the stylist and your finger. It is amazing for sensory touch and with Jellyboards the possibilities are endless. Cleo preferred the Jellyboards. The 2 colours allowed her to be so creative with the different backgrounds too, she could play differently each time. 

DoodleJamz are available from Smyths Toys and are priced at £4.99

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