Cutetitos Unicornitos – More Magical Than Ever!

What do you get if you cross unicorns with burritos? Unicornitos!

Unicronitos are a new wave of cuddly burritos unicorn! There are 8 to collect in this wave and each of them comes wrapped in a cuddle burrito! Cutetitos Unicronitos are soft and colourful. Each of them has a different personality and you can find out what it is by looking at the chilly on the unicorns hip! Will it be mild, medium, hot or super spicy?

They come wrapped and hidden in a rainbow burrito blanket and they are waiting to be unwrapped. Every Unicornito comes with a pet collector card, this tells you everything about the Unicornito – name, birthday and hot spot spice o meter rating. There are a total of 8 to collect in this wave and they are sold separately.

They are alot cheaper than other toys that are in a similar bracket! They are priced at £8.99 and are available from Smyths Toys!

Disclaimer – We were gifted these in exchange for a blog post

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