Cleo’s Pica Diagnosis

It has all been gone over here for us, you might have been able to tell by the lack of blog posts but there is a reason for it.

Cleo’s always been a chewer. She had a dummy and has always looked for something to chew on ever since she was little. Gradually though, we noticed that it wasn’t just chewing. She began to eat things too.

It started off as paper then toilet roll then pens and pencils. Until it got to the point that it was becoming a concern. A few months ago, we noticed Cleo was being sick alot in the night. About the same time we noticed a whole in the wall near her bed and it was getting bigger but also her memory foam mattress topper was being eaten as well.

Searching on Google, why the hell is my child eating her wall and bed? Is something that I never thought I would have to do but here we are.

A few phone calls and endless Googling later and we were sent up to our local hospital. At this point, I don’t know why we don’t have our own parking space.

Diagnosis? Pica.

So what is Pica? Well it is basically were your child eats things that they should and they are put at risk of making themselves ill from it. It is common is ASD and could be caused by low iron.

Cleo hasn’t got low iron so it has been put down to ASD. But this is where the fun begins. Cleo needs watching all of the time. It’s hard work. But just like with everything else, we carry on.

Updates on Pica will be coming!!

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