Redan Fun To Learn Magazines – Are They Worth It?

One thing that you get used to when you become a parent is your child asking for a magazine when you go in to a shop but are the Redan Fun To Learn Magazines worth it?

Redan create children’s pre-school and primary magazines that feature some of children’s favourite characters such as Hey Duggee, Bing, Peppa Pig and Milkshake.

The magazines always come with a gift but the inside of the magazine is where the fun really is. Each magazine is jam packed full of activities, stories, crafts and colouring. They are perfect for some screen-free time and every Redan Fun To Learn magazine is educational. These magazines are aimed at children 3-7 years old and can help prepare them for going to school.

The content in each magazine is supported by the National  Curriculum’s Early Years Foundation Stage, which gives parents peace of mind that their children are getting the very best when they purchase Redan magazines.

Redan create such a wide range of magazines and every child will be catered for. The range of characters that is covered is huge. It is great to see that magazines have now adapted in to more educational resources as well as a fun activity for children. They are sold is most shops too so are accessible to all.

Cleo loves a magazine and they are great for giving her screen free time. She is not yet at school so these are amazing for at home activities when she isn’t in Nursery too. I think that magazines have changed alot over the years and the Redan Fun To Learn magazines help children learn and encourage them to enjoy learning along with their favourite TV and movie characters.

They are a huge hit in our house!

We were kindly gifted these in exchange for a blog post

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