Learning To Drive At 27 Years Old!

Its time to learn to drive! I have put it off for long enough so it is time to take it head on!

Learning to drive is something that I have put off for so long. It just wasn’t something that I wanted to do, I just didn’t feel like I had the confidence to do it. What with Cleo’s hospital appointments becoming very frequent, it only made sense for me to start learning to drive.

I started a few weeks ago so it was all systems go. I have already done my theory test. I have to say that was one of the most hardest tests I have ever done and I felt like I was at school again! Thankfully though, I put in alot of hours in to revision and passed first time so that is now out of the way and I can focus on the actual driving.

Incase anyone wants to know, I am using My Four Wheels for my driving lessons and they have been great! Fingers crossed, I can actually book a driving test soon too as I haven’t been able to do that yet! My goal is to be passed by the summer so wish me luck!

It feels strange to be behind the wheel of a car when I have put it off for so long. It is also so bloody expensive!

I will get there and I will pass!

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