Introducing My Magic Pet Morphle!

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have heard about Morphle but just incase you haven’t then let me introduce you…

My Magic Pet Morphle is all about a little girl called Mia and her magical red pet named Morphle. The magical thing about Morphle is that he can turn in to anything that Mia’s mind can imagine and just like most young children, she has one amazing imagination. From a puppy to a dinosaur to a car or truck, the possibilities for Morphle are endless.

You can tune in to Morphle on TinyPop at weekday evenings or on Youtube making it accessible at any time for children! To go along with the hit TV show, there is a great range of toys. The toys are amazing to continue the imagination after your child has watched the TV show. Morphle encourages preschoolers to learn about friendship, creativity and problem solving. The whole show and toy range inspires children and helps expenpand their imagination.

To showcase Morphle, Cleo was sent a few of the toys! We already have a few at home so these will go great in our Morphle collection. The toys that we recieved were the Morphle Travel Scribbler, Morphle figure and vehicle set and the regular Morphle Plush. All of these are available from a range of stores such as Smyths, Argos and The Entertainer.

Instead of screen free time, these toys encourage imagination and creativity through screen time and watching TV. The Travel Scribbler is great for fun on the go as well as at home. It includes a pen and magnetic stamps. This type of toy is traditional and has been around for years. They are great for so many ages too. Figure and vehicle sets include 6 figures and 2 vehicles. These sets are the very best for imaginative play. The figures are the same from the TV show so children can recreate the hit TV at home. When it comes to Cleo’s favourite Morphle toy, it has to be the regular Morphle plush. Not only is a lovely to play with but it is made to be cuddled too!

Prices and links:

Morphle Travel Magnetic Scribbler – £10.00

Morphle Figure and Vehicle Set – £20.00 – Argos

Morphle Regular Plush – £6.99 – Amazon

Disclaimer – We were sent these in exchange for a blog and social posts

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