Steffi Love Dolls Review

Simba Toys have their very own range of dolls. The range is huge and there will be a doll for every child.

Dolls are great to encourage imaginative play and with so many dolls and sets available, there is a one of everyone. From vet sets to sports and family sets as well as single dolls – the play possibilities are endless. Steffi Dolls will be loved for generations! The price point for Steffi Dolls is great, you get alot for your money and they are available for all good toy shops.

Elsa has been playing with 2 Steffi sets. One is a larger set and one is a single doll set. The larger set is the Happy Animal playset. This includes an adult doll, a toddler doll, 2 pet rabbits and loads of accessories. The Happy Animal set is great for children that love animals and makes a brilliant starter set for a Steffi Doll collector. The second set is the Sport doll set. It includes one doll, a yoga mat and a water bottle. This doll is fully flexible so can be played with in yoga poses and sports imaginative play.

The Steffi Love Dolls are brilliant and Elsa really enjoys playing with hers. She has many more on her wishlist!

Disclaimer – We were kindly gifted these in exchange for a review

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