Kuhla Fridge Review

Chilled to absolute perfection. Over the last few weeks, we have been testing out the a Kuhla Fridge. A mini fridge that really makes an impact!

Mini fridges aren’t anything new, they have been around since the 90’s. I can remember having on when I was a teenager so in the 00’s but they weren’t anything like the mini fridges that are available now and the Kuhla fridge is one of the best on the market.

The mini fridge is 43L in capicity which holds around 40 cans of drink. It comes in 18 different designs from plain colours to slogans to marble prints. There is a style for any room in the house. The Kuhla mini fridges are table top size so ideal to be the extra drink or snack fridge. Perfect for a games room, office or living room.

Other features that the mini fridge includes a freezer compartment which is great for ice cubes and ice lollies! It has an adjustable thermostat, removable wire rack, reversable door and adjustable feet. When the fridge is on, it is quiet. You can’t hear it over a telly or if people are talking you can’t hear it. It has an F energy rating which is the equivalent to a old A+ rating.

The dimensions for the Kuhla 43L mini fridge are (CM): 49.2 (H) x 47.2 (W) x 45.0 (D) and it comes with a 1 year guarantee.

Over the last few weeks, we have been testing out the 43L mini fridge with the OPEN design. We have placed it under Jonny’s gaming desk and we are keeping drinks and snacks in it. It is handy if he is streaming or playing games. Everything is at an arms reach!

The Kuhla mini fridge appeals to us because of its size. It isn’t huge but yet can fit around 42 cans of drink plus it has the freezer compartment for ice cubes. Also perfect for hiding our favourite ice lollies from the kids in the summer. The designs of the fridges are a huge bonus too. If you want something different than just the bog standard black or white fridge then there are 16 other designs to choose from. Not all are plain, some are out there and bright and colourful. Something that you don’t seem often when it comes to appliances.

The price point for the Kuhla 43L mini fridge is good too. They are priced at £109.99 for the black or white version and £139.99 for one of the other designs. For the size and features of the fridge, I think this a great price point!

The Kuhla fridge would make a great gift for someone or just a treat for yourself. It would also make an amazing beauty fridge if you like to keep your beauty products cool in the fridge. There are so many uses for this fridge and it could go anywhere in your house – kitchen, utility, living room, office, cinema room, games room, spare room or even an at home bar!

You can find out more over on the Kuhla website.

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