Finally Putting Your Finger On The Problem With Your Playroom

Far from always leaving your living room littered with toys, planning out the perfect playroom can help to free your home at last, and even save your feet from yet more pieces of Lego! Unfortunately, a poorly planned playroom can also be worse than no playroom at all, and can very quickly begin to drive you mad. 

This can feel particularly frustrating considering you’ve already put in the effort to create this space in the first place, but you can restore your sanity and reduce your parenting stress by finally putting your finger on the following problems that could be causing this playroom madness. 

Reason 1: A playroom that’s too close for comfort

While not everyone has the luxury of choice, a playroom which is too firmly rooted in the heart of the home can be a problem in itself. After all, if your playroom is located right next to your living room, toy overspills are likely to continue, not to mention that noise could become a problem. By comparison, a playroom somewhere a little further afield, like an attic conversion, summer room, or even a separate outside building, will help to both keep your home toy-free and make this space more appealing for independent youngsters. You simply need to make sure to clean these often unused areas, and also invest in things like foundation repairs (especially crucial for unused outside buildings) or redecoration before letting the kids loose. Then, you can all start enjoying a playroom that feels like a better fit for your family home in general.

Reason 2: You haven’t taken the time to organise

An untidy playroom can ruin your home’s harmony, as well as being so unappealing that even your kids are unlikely to spend time here. This can result in a wasted, underlyingly irritating space, and it’s something that you can best overcome by getting on top of organisation from your first playroom plans. Storage units are, of course, the most efficient way to achieve this by providing a set space for every single toy. Some parents also find that playrooms can be made more appealing through steps like segmented toy collections, colour coordination, and so on. 

Reason 3: Not enough to keep your kids amused

Predominantly, you wanted a playroom at home in the first place so that your kids would play here with their toys instead of every other room in your house. Unfortunately, an uninspiring playroom could quickly see your kids bored with the space, and spreading themselves back out over the rest of your family home regardless. To avoid this, design a varied and appealing room, complete with different types of clearly-laid-out toys, and even fun additions that you couldn’t have elsewhere like drawing easels, activity tables, and even wild extras like climbing walls and indoor climbing frames if you have the space for them. 

You’re not alone with your playroom problems, but you are in the position to address them at last when you address problems like these. 

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