How To Make Your Kitchen Walls More Interesting 

Most of the walls in your kitchen are likely to be filled with cabinets. But what about those empty spots on your kitchen walls? How should we best decorate these spaces? This post gives you seven ideas.

Exposed Brick

A brick wall is a great way to add a rustic touch to your kitchen. It works well in almost any kind of kitchen, from an apartment kitchen in the city to an old kitchen in the country. You can make a wall look like it’s made of brick by sticking brick wall panels to it. You can also physically pull off the plaster to see the bricks underneath. This is a bit more work, and you’ll need to use mortar stain remover to make it look attractive and seal it afterward to keep the wall in good shape.


Most of the time, tiles are used as a backsplash at the back of the work surface, but they can also be used as decorations on other walls. There are so many different kinds of tiles, from small mosaic tiles to big 2x2ft tiles, that it’s best to figure out which one is best for your kitchen before you start placing them. Think about colour and design, and ensure that whatever tiles you choose work well with the rest of the kitchen. 

Small Pictures

You could hang small pictures on the walls of your kitchen to fill in the spaces and nooks. You can even put these on the wall between the counter and the cabinets or on the wall above the cabinets. This could include small paintings or single photos in frames. Kitchens are great places for art that has to do with food.

A Chalkboard

A chalkboard might be a fun way to make a wall more interesting. You can write your own cute messages on this, or you can use it for practical things like planning meals for the day or writing down recipes. The good thing about chalkboards is that you can change what’s written on them over and over again.

Vintage Signs

If you want your kitchen to have a vintage feel, why not hang up a few old cafe or diner signs? Online, you can find a lot of signs that look like old ones. Some of them may even be able to be personalised. You can also try looking for real vintage signs in antique shops, second-hand stores, and car boot sales.

A Clock

Putting a clock on a wall could help you keep track of the time while you’re cooking. It could also be a fun piece of decoration. You could choose a simple clock or something more interesting. A big clock can be a great way to fill up a big wall that is otherwise empty.

Ornamental Plates

Have a set of plates that are too nice to use? Why not hang them on the wall as a decoration? You can also hang things like antique pots and pans or placemats on the walls of your kitchen. This is better than letting unused dishes collect dust in a cabinet.

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