Say Hello To GooZonians!

A new range of toys are here. The Goozonians !

We have been doing sneak peaks of GooZonians for the last few weeks but it is finally time to reveal all! The GooZonians are heroes who love in a world called Goozonia, they are 6 friends who live in the enchanted and magical realm.

As well as there being physical toys, there is an 11 minute webisode over on the Character Kidz TV Youtube channel which explains their story and the adventure that they went on to become who they are. They must save GooZonia from the ApoGoolypse! Will they do it?

Each character has their own special traits: Queen Ember is brave and charismatic. Roxy is glamorous and generous. Isla is independent and easy going. Princess Flik is confident and adventurous. Cora is creative and opinionated. Glyde is shy and passionate. Each of them have their own personalities as well as flaws. They could be insecure, overconfident or clumsy. It makes it ok for children to recognise that everyone has flaws. Even heroes like the GooZonians!

Elsa and Cleo received a box of goodies to celebrate the webisode and toys coming to shops and it had everything that they needed to watch the story of the new heroes.

But to the toys. There are 6 toys in total, one for each character. The dolls are stretchy, squishy and crunchy toys, that are great for creating your very own story at home. Cleo found them to also be great sensory toys as they are all different textures. The toys are available from Smyths Toys in the collectable dolls aisle.

We found the webisode an amazing addition to the toys. It is nice to see a story behind the toys and it kickstarts the creative minds of children after they watch it. It is 11 minutes long so perfect for little minds too.

GooZonians are perfect for children aged between 4 and 6. With 6 to collect too, they could soon become a much wanted collectable toy!

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