Starting To Get Ready For The Summer!

When the kids have 6 weeks off for summer, it is a good idea to get ready before hand. Not only does it save you from getting stressed but it can also be better on the bank account! Spread out the cost instead of rushing at the last minute and spending money unnessarily.

My children will be outside most of the summer. Rain or shine, they will want to be outside playing and I think it does them so much good to be out and about instead of sitting in the house. Sun cream is a must have for the summer. It might be cloudy or the sun might not be shining but the UV rays will still shine through so applying sun cream is a huge must.

Getting children off of consoles and away from screens is important too. I think children need to have chill time in front of screen too, don’t get me wrong. We all do it. We use our devices as a way to relax but at the same time, it is good to have an non screen alternative. We like to go for more traditional games and toys as they last so much longer and the age range to play with them is better than some of the plastic toys that you can buy for the summer.

One brand to check out is Jaques of London, they create traditional games and toys for all ages and they are amazing quality at affordable prices. We have a few of their wooden indoor toys and the kids have loved them for years. Recently, we got the TIn Can Alley.It is great quality and it comes in lux packaging. The tins are bright red and are made of metal so will last for years to come. This game can be played indoors or outdoors and any age or ability can play it. It is a game that has been round for generations!

With all the running around, it is important to stay hydrated. Water bottle or water despensers are an ideal way to keep the kids hydrated and cool in the sun. You can make it fun too with a bright and colourful water cooler or water bottle.

The summer is all about having fun and making memories!

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