Staying Active With Slingball

Stay Active is a range of toys from Character Toys that encourages families to get off their bums and get more active. It could be indoors or outdoors, all that matters is that it is fun!

Not long ago we reviewed Splash Out so check that out if you are looking for a fun water game for the summer months. The Stay Active range was created as a family-inclusive product range that helps improve mental health, helps improve balance and co-ordination and confidence and self esteem. There are so many benefits to being active and this range of toys and games makes it super easy to be involved.

The range was created with families in mind. It can help reduce screen time as it gives children fun games to do without the need of a screen. The games and toys can be used by a huge range of ages from young children to adults. Stay Active is also trying to reduce childhood obesity. By getting up and moving about, children can get in their exercise without even realising it.

We are very lucky to be Stay Active ambassadors alongside Olympian, Greg Rutherford. Being an ambassador means that this month, we tried out Slingball. A new catch and throw game with a twist.

The game itself is very very easy to set up. It is 2 rackets and 2 balls to play and that is it. To ‘sling’ the balls, you use the hook on the side of the racket and pull back on the elastic and let go. The ball goes flying and the other person playing has to catch it in their net. The great thing with having 2 balls to play is that the play is never ending, The balls fly quite a way so you end up running backwards and forward trying to catch them in your net.

It is a really fun game and one the best things is that it can be played with by any ability or age.

Slingball is available now from Smyths Toys

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