The Next Chapter! – Being A Parent To A Child With A Disability

The book of life can be full of surprises and we are no stranger to some of these surprises. But then something can come along and knock you for six.

I am a firm believer of talking about things. Not only does it get things off your chest but being open and talking can actually help so many other people who may be in a similar situation. I find it helpful if I search for something ans find a blog that is going through a similar thing to us. It has been a while since a write a post about Cleo and where we are on ASD diagnosis side of things and that is purely because it has been on the back burner.

Very recently we found that that Cleo has Hypoglycemia. Her blood sugars go down and her ketones go up. Even though, we are used to the hospital and the Drs now and we are aware that Cleo has other stuff going on that is ongoing, this was a bit of shock.

We are still waiting on test results and there is a long way to go. Its just a new chapter.

I think it is going to help if I write everything down like I used to. It is good for the brain.

So welcome to the next chapter! – Being a parent to a child with a disability.

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