Increasing Storage Space In Your Family Kitchen – A Simple Guide

Let’s face it, no kitchen seems to have enough storage space for a growing family! No matter how hard you may try to pile things up neatly or squash food into your cupboards hoping for the best, you’re more than likely met with an unsightly mess or a soon-to-be avalanche of ingredients smashing across your kitchen floor. Thankfully, you needn’t attempt to cope without enough storage space for your family kitchen for much longer, as this simple guide contains some of the most effective ideas that you can utilise to transform your kitchen in no time at all! So, if you’re interested in discovering more, then keep on reading. 

Use Wasted Space 

One of the most effective steps that you can follow when it comes to increasing storage in your family kitchen is to use wasted space. Wasted space is present in almost every kitchen, as it’s fairly rare to see a kitchen design that aims to utilise every inch of space. Thankfully, you can make the most of areas such as above your wall cabinets or even above your kitchen island, as there are various forms of kitchen cabintry that you can install which will utilise this space to provide you with a large amount of brand new storage to fill with ingredients and utensils! You can choose to hang up hooks or bars above your kitchen island that can be used to house cooking equipment, or even create a hanging spice rack that’s attached to an unused space on your wall! There are bound to be a number of different options when it comes to wasted space in your kitchen, so be sure to take a look around so that you can identify some areas that can be utilised for extra storage! 

Be More Organised 

If your storage space is currently filled to the brim with a chaotic scramble of random ingredients that have little to no sense of organisation, then this could be contributing massively towards your overall lack of functional storage space! You need to take the opportunity to introduce some kind of storage system if you want to make the most of your storage space, otherwise you will no doubt be wasting considerable space for no good reason. Stack your cans on top of one another and keep them in sections, putting beans in one spot, tomato products in another and so on. Invest in a spice rack that you can utilise by putting your spices in alphabetical order – it’s a one time job that is easy maintain, and you can the benefit of total accessibility whenever you’re in a rush to get dinner ready. Don’t let ingredients pile up and go stale either, as you should always take the opportunity to organise your food by date – put the food with the shortest shelf life at the front so that this can get eaten first, leaving space for fresher food in the future.

Increasing storage space in your family kitchen has never been so simple. 

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