This Is Your Reminder To Book Your Smear Test!

I try and be as open and honest as I can on my blog and lately the blog has taken a bit of a back seat.

Life has got in the way and things have been stressful to say the least. I really wanted to make time to write this post though as it is an important one. It is to remind people to book their smear test.

For the last few years, mine came back as HPV positive and I have spoken about that on the blog before. It is something that I have shared with everyone in the hope that it encourages others to get their smear tests. I went for my smear test the other week and my result has come back with abnormal cells. My cells have changed and they are not as they should be. This could mean that being up to date with my smear tests has saved my life. My cells are abnormal but I don’t have cancer and this is why we have smear tests to catch things before they turn to cancer. Before it is too late.

I am now waiting on a hospital appointment so I can go and have a biopsy and any treatment that I might need to have but we will wait and see what that might be.

But for now, please book your smear tests! It could save your life!

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