3 stay-at-home adventures for summer

With prices rising rapidly, more of us are opting for at-home vacations. 

And whilst it’s great to get away in the sun from time to time, adventures closer to home will eliminate much of the stress that comes with travelling abroad – particularly at a time where international travellers are facing chaos at the airports. 

If you’re opting for a serene, stay-at-home summer, these are just three ideas to help keep things interesting. 

1. Get creative in the kitchen 

As the heatwave approaches, the time for hot food is on hiatus. 

Instead, families across the UK are favouring our beloved ‘picky bits’ and savouring snacks in place of hot dinners, whilst desperately reaching for ice lollies and any kind of cold drink. 

And with fine fruits in season at this time of year, your summer holidays might be a prime opportunity to get your kids in the kitchen and inspire them with new and exciting recipes. 

Smoothies are a fun quick fix to squeeze in some fruit, whilst home-made ice lollies can be made easily with a lolly stick or spoon, a yogurt pot and some fruit juice of your choice. And a snazzy fruit platter is a great way to enjoy some food art and help your kids get their five a day, too! 

2. Venture outside 

If you have a private garden space at home, or access to a public park where your children can play to their heart’s content, it doesn’t cost a lot to make the most of the great outdoors. 

At-home adventures can invest fairly cheaply in accessories like paddling pools, whilst second-hand sellers on Facebook Marketplace and other bargain sites can help you snag great deals on outdoor toys like bikes or scooters, helping your kids get out and get active too. 

The National Trust has even compiled a Wildlife Hunt so you can enjoy a little creature spotting with your little ones. It features some of the country’s most common animals, so you’re unlikely to need to venture far to find them. 

3. Learn something new 

Chances are your kids have been sent home with a good amount of homework to keep them occupied over the six-week break. 

And even for busy parents with a 9-5 schedule, it’s easier than ever to learn some new skills of your own too! 

Online degrees with ARU Distance Learning are accessible for all and designed to be studied in your own time – they even offer courses designed specifically for Armed Forces personnel in subjects such as Leadership & Management in Health & Social Care, as well as degrees targeted to civilians. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills, whether you want to advance in your current career or try your hand at something new. 

Learning alongside your kids in summer will help keep them focused as you enjoy family study sessions together. Plus, you’ll enjoy the opportunity for some fresh knowledge. 

We hope that with these three tips, you and your family are summer-ready and set to make the most of the sun. 

How do you make the most of your summers at home? Share your tips in the comments below.

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