Saving The World With Super Cute Little Babies!

Meet the Super Cute Babies! The new superheroes that have been chosen to protect the environment and teach everyone to love and respect nature and the world around us.

Super Cute Babies help spread eco messages and get children talking about nature and the environment from a young age. It inspires children to be more sustainable meaning the next generation is ready to care for mother nature and all it has to offer. Each of the Super Cute Babies have their own goals and eco habits. They are individual but at the same time come together to help the earth. As children play with the Super Cute Babies, they learn about loving nature and learning that we have to protect the planet for future generations.

The baby dolls come in 2 sizes and there are so many to collect. The smaller dolls are great for older children to play with as they are alot smaller than the larger baby dolls. The large dolls have a reversible outfit so they can be undercover as well as superheroes. They come with a bottle and other accessories. The doll has a light on their chest with a symbol that matches their power. This lights up when you feed them with the bottle. There are so many ways to play with Super Cute Little Babies.

Each of the dolls has its own message. Cleo got Gabi and her message is ‘The little Gabi is very cheerful and full of light. She is always happy and loves to collect sunglasses. Playing outdoors in daylight is one of your favourite activities. When you snack the magic bottle, the Power of the Sun is activated in it. You can heat anything with your hands!’ This dolls is perfect for Cleo and it reminds be alot of Cleo too! She loves playing outside in the sun and is full of light. We always say that Cleo is our little ray of sunshine so the Gabi Baby is ideal for Cleo.

There are 4 larger dolls to collect – Gabi, Sofi, Sisi and Kala. The dolls are available from Tesco stores. The Super Cute Little Babies are a brilliant toy idea! Not only are they lovely to play with a baby doll but the messages that they send to young children is incredible! They are helping to create the next generation of nature lovers!

Disclaimer – We were sent these dolls in exchange for a blog post

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