Introducing The Smiggle and Kangaroo Beach Collection!

We have spoken about Kangaroo Beach many times before. It is a show that my kids love!

With more and more people holidaying to seaside towns, beach and water safety has never been so important especially in the summer months. Kangaroo Beach follows the adventures of 4 friends – Joey Pounce, Gemma the Platypus, Neville the Wombat and Frizzy the Koala as they train to become junior life-guard cadets. The show is not only entertaining for children but it also teaches water and beach safety in the hope that children will think before they jump in the water.

Kangaroo Beach is bright and colourful. The characters are lovable too. It is just an all round amazing show for children to watch and love. Kangaroo Beach and Smiggle have collaborated to create an amazing collection. One that kids will love and use for day to day life as well as holidays and school.

The collection consists of a backpack, a lunchbox, a pencil case, a towel, a snap bracelet, a filled pencil case and so much more. Just like the show, the collection is bright and colourful. It is so eye catching too.

Elsa, Cleo and Brody are all huge Kangaroo Beach as well as Smiggle fans so this collection is ideal for them. The items are all a brilliant size too. The lunchbox is one of my favourites as it holds so much, perfect for a day out! The backpack is also the perfect size. Big enough to fit everything in but just the right size for children to also carry.

The collection has a great variety of products for all ages and the prices start at just £5 and it is available from the Smiggle website NOW!

Kangaroo Beach is on Milkshake every weekday at 7.35am – Make sure you tune in!

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