Mini Delices 5 in 1 Chocolate Workshop Review

Children love hands on creative play. My children would agree that messy play is the best play and they are not wrong.

Children learn by being creative. As parents, we can encourage this by using products that inspire children to use their imagination. The Mini Delices 5 in 1 Chocolate Workshop kit is a fun and easy way to make yummy chocolate treats. The kit provides everything that you need other than the chocolate, that way you can choose whatever chocolate you fancy. You can use white, milk, dark chocolate, pretty much any chocolate that you can get your hands on.

You can also purchase your own decorations if you would like them on your creations but they are not a must. With the kit, you can create anything from chocolate lollies to chocolate bars to chocolate gifts using the gift boxes, foil and bags that are included. There are 100’s of tasty combinations with the 5 in 1 Chocolate Workshop Kit and the sky is the limit with the creative ideas.

The instructions are very easy to use. There are just 5 steps to follow in order to create the chocolate treats. There is no messing about and it is all very straight forward (perfect for me!) The kit is suitable for children aged 6 plus and I would say that is about right. A child of that age would be able to follow the instructions. They would need an adult to help them with melting the chocolate though as it does get very hot!

We found the kit very very easy to use and the kids loved making their own treats. The treats that we created would make great gifts – if we don’t eat them first!

Check out our reel below:

The Mini Delices 5 in 1 Chocolate Workshop is available now and is priced at £20.00

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