Visit Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach This Summer!

Great Yarmouth has always been a great place to visit and in the summer it is a hive of fun with families traveliling miles to experience what Great Yarmouth has to offer. One of our favourite places in Great Yarmouth is Pleasure Beach.

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach first opened in 1909 making it over 100 years since it opened. In 1932, the parks largest and most popular rided opened and it is still open today – The Roller Coaster. A large wooden rollercoaster that is one of only 2 in the whole of the UK. It was one of the first of its kind in 1932 and almost 90 years later, people still can’t wait to ride it. There are around 30 other rides at Pleasure Beach too as well as arcades, kids rides and places to eat, drink and buy snacks.

The park has gained popularity of the years and it has been used for TV and film. In the 80’s, The Madness filmed their House of Fun music video on the famous wooden rollercoaster.

Throughout the Summer months, there are many incredible events that happen at Pleasure Beach. From music nights, theme nights to fireworks. There is something for everyone and you don’t have to just visit the park in the day, there are many events that happen in to the evening so they are great for everyone!

Check out our Pleasure Beach reel below:

We love visiting. It is great for the kids but we can also visit ourselves as the park has a great range of rides for all ages. Day tickets start at just £15 and they do local discount which is amazing too!

You can find out more over on their website.

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