Meet The Action Heroes! – A New Way To Play!

The Action Heroes Rescue Series has launched this summer and it introduces children to a new way to play!

This new series of toys is completely interchangable. The characters are collectable but even a few character creates endless characters as the figures have swappable heads and body pieces and double sided faces. The possiblities are endless! It is a great concept for a toy, it not only encourages children to imagine and be creative but it also means that children are not limited to what characters they have to play with. They can mix and match and create whoever they want too. The more characters they have, the larger their world can be.

Storytelling a huge part of playtime. It is what happens in a child’s mind as they play. They are creating their very own stories. There are playsets and action vehicles to collect and these all add to the Action Heroes world that a child can create.

As a parent, I am always looking for value for money. The longer a child can play with the toy, the better. I want to get my monies worth out of a toy. I’ve found with Action Heroes that the sets are great value for money. There is a great age range that could play with Action Heroes and the swappable feature means that I am not buying 100’s of figures. The kids can just create their very own characters whenever they want.

Brody has been playing with the S.W.A.T Truck set and 2 of the playsets. I have realised recently that Brody has starting playing with older toys, his imagination seems to have changed and he loves toys that he can create his own stotry with and he can play for hours if something really catches his creative side.

He is a vehicle loving little boy so a series like Action Heroes is perfect for him. There are a few little bits with the playsets but if I think they are too small then I will take them away until he is a bit older. Most of the playset pieces are a good size. The characters are great for slightly smaller hands (4 years plus).

Action Heroes is an action packed new series and it is one that Brody loves to play with and one that I love as a parent as the possibilies are endless!

Disclaimer – We were kindly gifted these in exchange for a blog post

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