Who’s The Imposter?! – Among Us Toys Review

Among Us is so popular with kids and with the game comes the toys!

There is now a huge range of toys and collectables that all relate to the hit game. From plushes to stamps to keyrings, there is so much to collect. The collectability of the Among Us toy range is great. Children love collectables and Among Us so this range of toys and plushes are an ideal combination.

We recently recieved a box of Among Us goodies. The box included:

The Series 2 Action Figures. These are figures that can include hats, hands and more accessories to customise your Among Us character. These are on the bigger side and one of the biggest toys in the collection. There are so many ways to play with the action figures but they would look great on a shelf with the the whole action figure collection.

The Series 2 Figural Keychain. There are 16 keychains to collect in the figural keychain collection. 12 normal keychains and 4 rare ones to find. These keychains are going to be a great collectable for school bags. Will you find the imposter?

The Series 2 Crewmate Figures. There are 16 to collect with 12 normal and 4 rares to find. The figures are around 1-2 inches in size and come in blind bags so you won’t know which one you will get. Kids love blind bags so these are going to be very popular!

Lastly, there is the plushes. Everyone loves a good plush toy and these Among Us one are very cute! They are small plushes which I actually love as they don’t take up loads of room so you can collect them all.

All of the toys in the range match the game perfectly. Even the colours are spot on! We are very impressed!

The Among Us toy range is available from store such as Smyths, HMV, Game and The Works

Disclaimer – We were kindly these in exchange for a blog post

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