Introducing Peppy Pups!

All of my children are huge animal lovers and if there is a animal themed toy, they seem to want it. They have so many different kinds but nothing like the new Peppy Pups.

I am a sucker for a toy that doesn’t need batteries. If it works without them then it is a huge bonus for me! Peppy Pups are fully kid powered meaning they use no electric at all. It has spring action legs so as a child walks or runs with it, it moves along with them. The Peppy Pup has spring action head, legs and tail. It also comes with a lead and bell too which is a great feature.

The gret thing about the Peppy Pup is that it can be taken anywhere and there is no worry of it running out of battery or breaking. As it is powered by the child, it also encourages children to get up and move. It is great when going on family walks!

There are 4 Peppy Pups to adopt and Brody has been playing with is very own Peppy Pup recently. We took it for a walk to Sandringham as it is a popualr place to go for a walk after all. Brody is still to name his Peppy Pup but I am sure it is going to be called something like patch or socks due to its white feet.

One of the great things about the Peppy Pup is its size. It is the right size for young children like Brody who are around 3 years old as well as slightly older children due to the Peppy Pup not being too small and the lead being a good length.

Peppy Pups are available now and are priced at £31.49

Disclaimer – We were gifted this in exchange for a blog post

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