Welcome To The World Of Stickle Bricks!

Stickle Bricks have been a favourite toy for years and years now and they really have gone through the generations!

What makes Stickle Bricks such an amazing toy is its that it is so versatile. Little people can have huge imaginations and Stickle Bricks is perfect for encouraging that.

From cars, to people, to houses to games such as shape sorting, there are so many ways to play with Stickle Bricks. The possibilities are endless. Toys that inspire a child’s imagination is the best in my opinion. Not only is it fun but it also encourages creativity and gets their little brains working even though they don’t realise it. Shape and colour sorting are two great games that you can play and Stickle Bricks are great for little hands so as soon as a child starts to learn shapes and colours they can play.

Brody recently got two of the Stickle Brick sets – Fun Tub and Little Builder. All of the sets can be added together to expand a collection.

Each set comes with an assortment of shapes and colours as well as faces and wheels. Stickle Bricks can be played with in many ways due to the way that the pieces lock together. The teeth on the Bricks interlock. This means that there are no really small pieces and also that the piece last a long time and can be easy cleaned too. Both theses sets contain a really good amount of bricks and the Fun Tub also has the tub included which is perfect for keeping the bricks in.

Stickle Bricks last generation after generation and I have even found myself playing with Brody’s sets!

Stickle Bricks are available now from The Entertainer!

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