Tips to Ensure a Stunning Kitchen Renovation

When you’re trying to refresh your home, you might consider some major renovations along the way. Your rooms don’t last forever without needing some TLC, and there often comes a point where you have to get some work done to keep them looking nice and staying well-maintained.

Another common reason to get your rooms renovated is that you’re simply tired of what they look like. True, there’s no reason to chase every trend, but you should be happy in the space you live in. Whether you’ve recently moved into a property, or you feel that the current setup is looking tired and dated, it might be time for a change.

When considering what major project to take on first, many people choose to renovate their kitchens. This is because your kitchen is such a vital part of your house. It’s where your family gets fed and, for many homes, it’s the heart of the family. The kitchen is usually always busy and, because of this, it gets worn out more quickly than the other rooms. 

However, as you’d expect, a kitchen renovation is not an easy matter. It can take a lot of work and money to get things as you like them. Here are some tips to reduce the stress of the job and hopefully save some money.

Budget and Plan

Before you can start working on your kitchen, you need to make sure that you can afford the work that will need to be done. This means setting a budget and planning out an approximate design for your new kitchen. 

If you know exactly what you want to be done, then you can move on to figuring out how much it will cost. Come up with a list of needs and preferences, so that if you need to sacrifice some of your plans for the sake of your wallet, you can make do.

You also need to work out how to finance the renovation. For a large home improvement project, many people are able to take out a home improvement loan, which will cover the cost of the new kitchen and the labour involved. However, even if you can take out a loan, it’s often best to save up for a deposit as well. This can help you to get a better deal on your loan and potentially save you money in the long run.

As always, just because you can theoretically afford a big, flashy kitchen, it doesn’t always mean that you should. Look for where you can save money and don’t feel tempted to blow through your savings or a loan. 

Making Savings

A complete rip-out and renovation plan will almost always cost a lot of money, but you can find ways to save a bit of cash while still giving your kitchen a new lease of life. For example, if you still like the layout of your kitchen but not the look, you don’t necessarily need to completely replace everything.

Work out where you can refresh and renovate, rather than rip out and rebuild. Sometimes a new lick of paint will do wonders and it’s far cheaper than investing in a whole new kitchen. Replacement kitchen cupboard doors can completely change the appearance of your kitchen, but they’re so much cheaper than replacing the whole cupboard. 

So, if your kitchen issue is aesthetic rather than structural, then you can cut some corners and save some cash. However, if the kitchen units are broken or worn to the point that no amount of lick and polish will save them, then it may be better to bite the bullet and get them replaced with a newer, sturdier model. Usually, you will have to replace them at some point anyway, so you might as well enjoy your new kitchen sooner. 


One underrated part of your kitchen is the flooring. Most people focus on the units and appliances, but your floors can have a huge impact on how your kitchen looks and feels. Ugly floors, unfortunately, draw the eye. However, bright and beautiful floors can make your kitchen feel larger and classier. 

Many people have tiles in their kitchens, which is a fantastic option. Kitchen tiles are easy to clean and sturdy so that you can get rid of any spillages quickly and easily. Not only that, but tiles are often more attractive than the alternatives, providing an element of class to your kitchen. 

Some people have tiles underneath their existing flooring, and it’s sometimes a good idea to have a look underneath the carpet or lino to see what’s going on underneath. If you find the original tiles, it’s likely worth restoring them. 

You can also restore and repair your existing tiles to make them look like new. If you have loose tiles, then a professional tiling company can repair cracked or missing grouting around drummy tiles to make them more secure and like new. 

Professional Help

Whenever taking on a major renovation project, you should always involve professional contractors that you can trust. It’s important to ensure that your kitchen is a safe and pleasant environment. 

In some cases, such as if you’re simply adding a lick of paint or installing new doors, you might be able to handle small jobs yourself. However, if you are completely renovating your kitchen or changing the layout, you might need to involve professional electricians, plumbers, and kitchen fitters.

Ask your contractors for a quote beforehand and for an expected timeline. Try not to get in the way, but keep informed about how the project is going. When looking for contractors, always look for reviews from past customers so that you know that you’re getting workers that you can trust to do a good job. 

If you have small children or animals, it can be best to keep them out of the way while the contractors work. Some people spend the week elsewhere, as going without a kitchen is difficult. Whatever you do, make sure that it’s right for your family.

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