Creative Café Barista Bar Review – Is It Worth Getting It?

If children want to hop on to the Babycino trend then this is the toy for them!

The Creative Café Barista Bar let’s children create their very own cold milk drinks at home. It is very simple to use and only takes a few minutes to create their drink of choice. The box includes everything that you need to create a good amount of drinks apart from the milk as this needs to be fresh. It is coffee-free fun for children and they can be as creative as they would like to be. From making the froth to creating a pattern on the top of the drink, it is like working in a real coffee shop.

Check out our reel of how it works:

Elsa tested out the Creative Café Barista Bar and it was a hit straight away! With it being so easy to use, she could get straight to making drinks for herself and her siblings! It is also very easy to clean after playing too which is a huge bonus!

The Creative Café Barista Bar is priced at £29.99 and is available from Smyths Toys.

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