Introducing Babybamboo – Eco Friendly Baby Clothing

Babybamboo is a local business, they are based in Norwich, Norfolk and it is a family run business with the message of helping to save the planet and create amazing clothing and accessories for babies and toddlers.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet so it only makes sense to use this when producting items of clothing and accessories. Bamboo is used to make thing like tissues, toothbrushes and hairbrushes already and Babybamboo had the idea to create soft and eco-friendly clothing for babies and toddlers out of this amazing plant.

The creators behind Babybamboo wanted to take the products further than just toothbrushes and they had their own postitive experience with using Bamboo products when it came to their child’s eczema. Bamboo is kind to the skin, it is soft and allows the skin to breath. This makes it a great material to make children’s clothing from.

After testing bamboo for themselves, Babybamboo was born. Babybamboo try everything to be eco-friendly, kinder to the planet and at the same time, produce kind to children clothing and accessories.

Brody has one of their dungaree sets and it is the softest piece of clothing that I have ever felt. The Babybamboo clothing is unisex so makes an amazing new baby gift.

You can check out the full range and find out more over on the Babybamboo website. They also have a Instagram and Facebook if you want to follow them over there.

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