The Winter Checks You Need To Do Around Your House Right Now

It’s been a weird year in that we’ve not really started to feel the chill until very recently. The weather forecasts are hinting that it’s going to get a fair bit colder over the next few weeks, so perhaps winter will finally be upon us. The woolly hats and gloves will come out, your kids will spend hours gazing out the window hoping for snow, and you will need to ensure your house is ready for a change in weather. 

Every homeowner or renter needs to carry out some essential winter checks before it gets too cold and wet. Ideally, you’d have done some of these a few weeks ago, but it’s not too late. Act now to help your family feel comfortable and safe this winter. 

Service your boiler

Boiler servicing should always be a regular task, but it’s super important when the temperature drops. If your boiler isn’t working properly, all hell can break loose in your home. You’ll be left without hot water or a central heating system that keeps you toasty. Or, your boiler may work, but not efficiently. So, it has to work overtime to keep your family warm, meaning you waste so much energy. 

With that in mind, get your boiler serviced and looked at as soon as possible. Hopefully, all will be okay. Sometimes, minor adjustments are needed to make everything work efficiently – though there is a chance you’ll need a new boiler if there are big problems. Regardless, getting it serviced now will help you deal with issues swiftly, ensuring your family home has a functional boiler this winter. 

Check your roof

If you live in a house, you’ll need to check the roof for any signs of leaks or breaches. There’s a big possibility your roof has cracks or gaps in it that you haven’t noticed for months. An easy way to know if this is the case is by heading up to the attic and seeing if there’s any water damage. Or, if it is raining while you read this, go up there and see if you can spot any rain dripping through. 

Obviously, you need to have a secure roof during the winter. It prevents rain or snow from leaking inside and damaging your property. Moreover, your roof is the lid that sits atop your house. As such, it’s responsible for keeping heat inside your home. A roof with gaps will mean heat rises to the top and leaks out. Therefore, you end up with a colder home! Checking your roof from the inside is usually an effective way of spotting problems, but feel free to call a roofer if you want a more extensive analysis of the situation. 

Check the windows

A lot of homeowners will check their boilers and roofs before the big chill hits. However, you’ll be surprised at how many forget about the windows. Just like your roof, your windows play two very critical roles that are amplified in the winter months. They prevent rain or snow from leaking into your home while offering insulation to keep you warm. 

Unfortunately, over time, your windows can lose some of their strengths. Mainly, the rubbed sealant that’s around the frame will wear away. When this happens, you get gaps between the frames and the walls, causing draughts. This is a big problem as it allows loads of cold air into the house from outside. You’ll actually feel this if you sit near windows – can you feel the cold air coming through? It makes your home really energy inefficient, so be sure to check the windows for any signs of gaps or draughts. Thankfully, most issues can be fixed by resealing the windows, which you can do yourself to save money. 

Check your main kitchen appliances

Lastly, head into your kitchen and check some of the big appliances there. Primarily, you want to look at your fridge/freezer, oven and hob. All of these will be in action during the winter months, more so than usual. You are going to have lots of food stored in your fridge/freezer, so you have to ensure it’s working correctly and can keep everything nicely chilled. Otherwise, you waste a lot of food as it goes off – or there’s the risk of food poisoning. 

Similarly, your oven and hob are needed for cooking throughout the festive season. The last thing you want is a kitchen disaster on Christmas morning where your oven isn’t working and doesn’t cook your turkey properly! Check everything beforehand to see if replacements or repairs are required. 

Just like that, you’ve completed the essential winter checks for your home. Now, you’re ready to tackle everything that’s thrown at you this winter. 

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