The Norfolk Grazing Company Review

The Norfolk Grazing Company is a new Norfolk based business that creates delicous and beautful grazing boxes and tables that can be delivered to your door!

If you live in Norfolk and are looking for something extra special for an event or just as a treat for yourself or family. The Norfolk Grazing Company offer a really good range of boxes. These boxes can be deivered ready to go with all the fresh chesses, fruit, meats and much more. The boxes available on their website right now are: The Christmas Box which feeds 4 people, The Classic Box which feeds 1-2 people or 3-4 people, The Cheese Lovers Box which feeds 1-2 people or 3-4 people, The Brunch Box which feeds 2-4 people and then there is The Kids Box which 2-4 kids. These boxes range in price from £22-£42. The Norfolk Grazing Boxes contain an amazing amount of food. There is something for everyone and there will even be some left over of the next day!

Check out our reel:

The Norfolk Grazing Company can also cater for big events such as wedding. Their grazing tables have the same concept as the grazing boxes but at a larger level for more people and set up by The Norfolk Grazing Company on site. The grazing tables are showstopping coversation starters that are the perfect centerpiece for any event.

You can find out more over on The Norfolk Grazing Company website and social media accounts

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