Introducing All New Dino Ranch Toys!

We have recently visited The Entertainer to find the new Dino Ranch toys!

Dino Ranch is a available to watch on Tiny Pop!, Disney + and Youtube. It is very popular with children so a toy range made so much sense! The show and toys are suitable for boys and girls around the age of 3-5 years and even parents enjoy it!

Dino Ranch follows the adventures of the Cassidy Family as they tackle life on the ranch in a world where dinosaurs still exist. It is great way to introduce children in to the world of dinosaurs. Every aspect of Dino Ranch is made for children, it is bright and colourful. Dino Ranch deals with some important themes: family and community, outdoor fun, friendship and nurturing, teamwork and personal growth.

There are all new toys in The Entertainer including:

Dino Ranch Clubhouse Playset (RRP £50)
Core Figure 2-Packs (RRP £9 each) 3 sets to collect: Jon & Blitz | Miguel & Tango | Min & Clover
Dino Ranch Character Vehicle Sets (RRP £13 each) 3 to collect: Miguel & Tango’s Tow Rig | Min & Clover’s Care Cart | Jon & Blitz Chariot
Dino Ranch Biscuit & Angus Figures (RRP £19)
Dino Ranch Action Packs (RRP 15 each) 4 sets to collect: Stegosaurus / Triceratops / Ankylosaurus / Brontosaurus

Check out our reel from when we found the toys in store!

Cleo picked her very own Dino Ranch toys instore and when we got home, she played for hours with her new Dino Ranch sets and cuddly toy!

There are some great sets in the range as well as the playhouse and the cuddly toys. There is something for every budget and the cuddly toys make great gifts for the younger Dino Ranch fans.

Dino Ranch is available instore and online at The Entertainer

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