Plasticine Morphe Animation Maker Review

Who remembers Morphe?!

Plasticine have teamed up with Aardman to bring you a Plasticine Morphe Animation Maker so you can make your own Aardman inspired short films! You need to check out our end result!

Aardman is a well known brand, they create some of the greatest TV shows including Morphe, Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep. It is loved by families all over the globe.

Aardman and Plasticine have joined forces to create kits so you can create Aardman inspired movies at home. The kits come with every thing you need other than a phone to film with. The app you use is available on app stores for android and apple. They are simple to use and explain every thing that you need to know about being your own Aardman creator.

Check out our reel below:

Plasticine Morphe Animation Maker is priced at £26.99 and as it contains everything that you need. It is great value for money!

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