Hello 2023..

Well didn’t 2022 go so fast!

I have decided this year that I won’t have new years resolutions. I find it is stressful and then I get annoyed with myself if I dont’ do them for the whole year. Lets be honest, most people don’t actually succeed with them and we shouldn’t force ourselves to change just because of a new year. 2022 was the year that things really turned south when it came to Cleo’s health so this year, I want to focus on finding answers as too why she gets ill. So far, there is a lot of hospital visits planned and hopefully, we will get the appointment soon for the London hospital. Fingers crossed this is the year that we find a reason why and we can start treatment that she may need.

As a family, we don’t have much planned this year. So far, there are no holidays booked. We hoped to book Disneyland but that plan has been put off for a little while. In a few weeks, I will start looking at our first adventure! It does seem though that this year I have gone all out when it comes to booking events! I have SIX booked for Norwich Theatre Royal. I’m going to see Paramore and Pink and Elsa and Jonny are off to see the Lionesses in April! So no holidays book as of yet but experiences have been pretty much booked for this year!

2022 was the year that blogging slowed down for me. I just couldn’t find the time for it. Between writing for the newpaper,keeping a house and then being a mum, I just lost my way with writing. I’ve been doing this a long time now and I want to get back in to it like I used too. Hopefuly in the next weeks I can get back in to a routine of writing. It helps with my mental health so much so I need to use it to my full advantage again. Even if it is just for me.

Here is to 2023!

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