It Ends With Us & It Starts With Us Combined Review

Trigger Warning – Domestic Violence

Colleen Hoover is such a popular author at the moment and to be honest, I had a might for FOMO when it comes to her books.

Both books, It Ends With Us & It Starts With Us contain themes of domestic violence. The first book, It Ends With Us goes in to much more detail about this and follows the life of Lily as she falls in love but then goes through an abuse and violent marriage with her husband, Ryle. I won’t spoil it for anyone that wants to read it. The theme of domestic violence is heavy in the first book but in the second one, it isn’t there so much. It is still present but It Starts With Us focuses more on Lily finding love again and the process of telling her abuser about the ‘new’ man in her life.

If i’m honest, I much perferred the first book to the second one. I feel like the first one made a point and was such an important subject that needed to be discussed. It can bring awareness to a subject that is still considered taboo. It Ends With Us shows the journey that a victim can experience when with an abuser. It shows love bombing, control, mental and physical abuse. There were parts of the book that literally took my breathe away. The story is incredible and message behind it is so important.

The second book, It Starts With Us wasn’t as good as I expected. I was waiting for the message for domestic violence to continue and in a way it did do this but the book as a whole was more about a ‘new’ love story. It could of been less lovey and more about spreading awareness and showing that there is life after abuse. I feel like what the second book was about could have been put in to a chapter of its own at the end of the first book.

As someone myself who has experienced abuse and violence, not from a partner but from a parent, it was a tough but amazing read. The second book needs to be read with the first one. I highly recommened It Ends With Us! It Starts With Us is a good book but nothing like the first one so if you want to read it to finish the 2 book series then do it if not then just read It Ends With Us.

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