Walking On Sunshine by Giovanna Fletcher – Book Review

Book 5 of 2023 for me was Walking On Sunshine by Giovanna Fletcher and it is different from what I would normally read but this warm and up lifting book really goes grab you in..

The book follows a group of friends as they navigate life after the passing of someone in their friendship group. The book is written in away in which each chapter is from a different person in the friendship groups perspective. It shows the highs and the lows of life after a friend has passed away from cancer and the different emotions that each person experiences. Each person has their own fights in life and by the end of the book, you know each character every well. The friends take a once in a life time trip in honour of the friend they have lost and ultimately find themselves while on the trek too.

The story is uplifting and heartwarnming. It really does pull you through the emotions too and gives an insight in to how different people cope with grief. Giovanna has done trekking herself for charities so I can only imagine that the book also came from experience when she was trekking and the emotions that she had while being thousands of miles away from her family and friends. She really mixes sadness and grief in with happiness and fun which makes this book a very easy read.

There are lessons to be learnt from this book. To live everyday like it is your last and if you can experience something and have the opportunity then do it as life is short.

This is the first book by Giovanna Fletcher that I have read but it has definetly encouraged me to buy more!

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