Time To Talk About Smears and Cervical Cancer Again…

I have written about smears and cervical cancer so much on this blog and on social media and I will continue until I am literally blue in the face…

For years, I have shouted about getting smears done when they are due. I was one of the first years to recieve the HPV vaccine and yet I still got HPV and I have never had a normal smear. They have always come back with HPV and last year, I had one come back with abnormal cells. To be honest, this scared me. Even though I had had the vaccine and then had regualr smears, it still happened.

This week (23rd to 29th January 2023) is Cervical Cancer Prevention Week. It is a week where people come together to help bring an end to cervical cancer. Jo’s Trust have a campaign this year which is all about bring an end to cervical cancer.

But did you know that only 1 out of 3 people with a cervix have their HPV vaccines and smears tests being booked are at a low as well?

Even though I still got HPV after the vaccine, I would still shout from the roof tops that people should have the vaccines. I hate to think what would of happened if I hadn’t had the vaccines at school and didn’t go for my smear tests. My expereince was ok. It wasn’t the best but I can imagine it can be much worse for some people. I had to go to the hospital for a biopsy and treatment and I have to go back every year for another smear test just to make sure that everything is ok.

It is so important that the numbers go up. People need to book their vaccines and their smear test. Together, we can bring an end to cervical cancer. We all need to shout about HPV vaccines, smear tests, cell changes and cervical cancer to bring awareness and get people talking. The more people talking, the more tests and vaccines. The more likely it is to help end cervical cancer and save so many lives.

You can find out more over on the Jo’s Trust website and you can read my blog posts here:

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One thought on “Time To Talk About Smears and Cervical Cancer Again…

  1. I had my smear test last week! Go me. lol I always get it done when I get my contraceptive implant changed. I am a sucker for punishment but it’s worth the few minutes just to be safe. x


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