Our First London Trip Of 2023!

I used to write about all of our adventures and it didn’t matter if it was just a local walk or a full on adventure holiday. In 2023, I would like to get back in to that and we want to get back in to having more time exploring the world around us.

First trip of 2023 was London – The big city as Elsa likes to call it! Elsa has been wanting to visit again for ages and I have always wanted them to explore as much of London as possible. There are so many experiences and things to do in the city and I never want them to grow up thinking that it is a scary place. Growing up in the countryside can make you think that cities like London are big and scary and almost impossible to navigate so since the kids have been small, we have been taking them. Elsa has been more times than she can remember and it has got to the point now where we drive in the city instead of getting the train as it is easier with the kids and with Cleo being disabled, it just makes it easier to pack up the car and go.

Elsa wanted to explore The Natural History Museum and The V&A. I have done The Natural History Museum years go but I have never visted the V&A so that was a first for both of us. The great thing is that both of these places are free to visit. I would recommend booking tickets for The Natural History Museum though as it gets very very busy! It is also huge so if you are hoping to get both done in one day then I would make a list of the things in both museums that you want to see and do them first. That was you can see everything that you want to.

When it comes to parking, we found a place on a parking website and it was only £20 for the whole day so that was great and it was a secure car park. It was a 15 minute walk to the museums which was brilliant. For food, we ate in the T-Rex resturant in The Natural History Museum and it is great! The menu is very good and the prices are not that bad considering where it is and the amount of food that you get.

All in all it was a great day. There is so much to do in the city and I’m sure that in a few weeks we will be back. I really want to book to see Wicked so that might happen in a few weeks!


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