Opening The Newest Surprise Capsules!

Surprise capsules are all the rage right now and anyone of any age loves them! There are 2 new additions to the surprise capsule family that are available to buy right now!

I can’t seem to go on social media ( mostly Instagram and TikTok) without seeing a video of a surprise capsule being opened up. Adults and children both love them and you can get them for any TV show or movie.

Two of the newest ones to hit the shelves are the Disney 100 Capsules and the Hello Kitty Cappuccino suprises! Both of these are available to buy now and I can already tell that they are going to be huge hits.

You can see our surprise capsule opening here:

Disney 100 capsules

This year, Disney are celebrating 100 years. A whole century of Disney! To celebrate this special year, they have released surprise toys. There are 14 to collect. Characters include Stitch to Toy Story to Princess. There is a character for everyone and they come with their very own stand so they will look pride of place in any Disney collection. Within the 14 characters, 12 have been announced and there are 2 rares that are top secret. Thre is a lot to open up with these capsules and they are brilliant!

These are available now from stores such as HMV, Smyths and Amazon and are priced at £14.99 each.

Hello Kitty Cappuccino Surprise

The Hello Kitty Cappucino Surprises are a bit different to the Disney ones. These ones contain 1 Hello Kitty squishy per ‘cup. These are really simple to use too. You pour a little bit of water on the top of the cappucino cup and watch as Hello Kitty magically appears from the cup. Each Hello Kitty is scented and super squishy! These are available from toy shops and independant toy retailers now and they are priced at £6.99 each.

Which one is your favourite and let me know below if you buy any, what characters you get!

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