Revolutionise Your Bedroom In 3 Simple Steps

If you are eager to do a spot of home improvements, the chances are that you want to focus on the interior of your home. The living spaces downstairs may already look well coiffed and maintained. If this is the case, turn to your bedroom. This room should be a haven of tranquility and conducive to restful sleep. If you have some old curtains, drab looking walls, and little character in your room, it’s time to inject a bit of style and personality into your sleeping quarters. Bedrooms are often overlooked when interiors are given a makeover. Neglect your bedroom no longer and follow these three simple steps to revolutionise your boudoir.

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Colour Scheme

The colours that you choose in your bedroom are crucial. If you want to have a relaxing and calm space to rest your weary head every night, bold and bright colours might not be for you. Instead, look at a more muted colour palette. You can still inject colour, but the shade can be a little less in your face. Sage greens are ultra relaxing as are pastel blues and mauves. If you are more of a minimalist, you could opt for the classic white for the walls. For a focal point, consider a feature wall behind your bed’s headboard. This way, your room has character but it won’t be in your eye line as your try to snooze. You could go for the geometric bold patterns a la 1960s retro or enjoy a more classic faux flock floral pattern to add interest to your home.


Bedrooms have a habit of looking disjointed and cluttered. You need to think about what you need in your bedroom in terms of storage. Your bed is a non-negotiable! All sorts of mismatched furniture can make a bedroom look tatty. To organise your bedroom layout more effectively, consider fitted wardrobes. These may be a little more expensive than freestanding alternatives but they look smart and can conserve space in smaller bedrooms. Ensure that you experiment with bed placement. Some people enjoy the classic bed in the centre with side tables. Other people are blessed with larger rooms that can help you to experiment a little more. Opt for a bed that fills the space but doesn’t dominate it to keep the spacious feel that you crave.

When you have decided on the bed’s positioning, you can further enhance the look and functionality of your bedroom by adding wooden slat wall panels. They bring a sleek and modern touch that complements various bedroom styles. These panels can create a feature or accent wall behind your bed. Not only do they add visual interest, but they also offer an opportunity for creative storage solutions. You can hang shelves or hooks on the slats to display artwork, store books, or even hang clothing.

Pixabay – CC0 License


If you are eager to inject some personality into your home, you need to consider what you love. Think about adding some houseplants to inject some greenery onto your room. If you are outdoorsy, being surrounded by greenery can be relaxing and calming. You might also want to add layers of material and fabrics to add texture and a tactile nature to your boudoir. Cushions, throws and drapery can allow you to add patterns, boldness and creative flair into your room. You could opt for bright tropical flavours or animal print or floral patterns. The possibilities are endless. Adorn your room with quirky furniture and enjoy experimenting with your eclectic taste.

When revolutionising your bedroom, ensure that you stay true to your personality. Ignore the trends and go for the style and look that you want in your bedroom.

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