A guide to keeping your home warm during the winter months

Everyone wants to save on energy bills during the winter months. Keeping your house warm and cosy is not affordable with the rising energy prices every month. 

During an energy crisis certain DIY techniques and smart ideas can help you enjoy colder months happily. Let’s talk about them.


First of all, start checking the doors and windows in every room of your house. Check for signs of cracks or any gaps. Most of the time cold winds from outside enter the house from these cracks or openings in the windows or doors. 

Use sealants or self-adhesive tapes to seal such weak spots in the window frames or other areas such as corners of the doors. This will keep your rooms warm by trapping the heat inside. 

If all your windows and doors are properly closed and sealed, you may not require turning the heater on all the time. As a result, you are saving energy and money.

Check Boiler & Radiators

Many homes keep boilers and radiators to stay warm during colder months. Therefore, you must keep them in good condition. Make sure you maintain the boiler so that it remains in good condition for longer. Annual maintenance is necessary and you may call for professional help. 

Apart from this, the radiator should also be properly serviced and maintained before winter arrives. Poor working conditions of the boiler and radiator lead to more energy consumption. 

Simple Body-Warming Items 

One of the best ways to stay warm during an energy crisis is to use affordable and easily available items such as USB hand gloves or heat blankets. These items protect against cold weather and also help you to save on energy bills. 

When you wrap yourself with a heat blanket or wear hand warmers, you may not always need to keep your heater on.

Use Wood

If you have a space for an open fire or wood burner, you need to stock up on logs before the colder months hit. Just make sure you ask for permission before you start picking fallen branches from other’s land. Once you are done piling up wood for the fire, you need to dry them well before burning it. 

With an open fire space inside your home, you can keep the entire house warm and at the same time need not use any electrical room heaters. 

Wear Layers

Wearing several layers during the cold season is a great way to stay warm and protect yourself from the harsh cold winds. Using wearable blankets or wearing three to four layers of clothes before putting on a jacket or woolly jumper works better always. That way you feel cosy and warm without the need for any other electronic device inside your house. 

Saving on energy bills is not a problem if you know how to do it. There are still many ways that you can implement to save money on energy bills during the winter months. Just make sure you plan things and prepare yourself early.

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