The Repair Shop Stories: The Toy Bus – Children’s Book Review

The Repair Shop is a beloved TV show that has been on our screens since 2017. It has a very loyal fan base and over 7 million people now watch it regularly. After 10 series of the TV show, a children’s book was the perfect idea.

The Repair Shop Stories; The Toy Bus follows a story that was featured on the TV show. The book follows Elsie and her little brother, David. When he was young, David struggled to stand as he has Cerebral Palsy so to help him Elsie brought him a big red bus that he could play with and hope that it would help him take his first steps. Now the bus is in The Repair Shop as Elsie wants her Grandson to play with the bus and hopefully take his first steps with the help of the big red bus too.

It is a heart-warming tale about how one object can change a life forever. The Repair Shop does magical things with people’s most cherised items. The items that they fix mean so much to people and to read a story about it is just as magical. It is also important to show children that things can be fixed and we don’t have to throw everything away.

It is incredible how one toy can mean so much to one family and to watch The Repair Show bring it to life is amazing.

The book itself is the perfect size for children and with bright, colourful illustrations, it is also eye catching. It is a beautiful book, both the story and the actual book itself is just breathtaking.

The Repair Shop Stories; The Toy Bus was written by Amy Sparkes, an author whos books have been featured on CBeebies storytime and she has been shortlisted for several books awards. The illustrator of the book is Kate Hickey. Kate uses a combination of hand rendered print processes and digital techniques to create her beautiful art work and book illustrations.

The Repair Shop Stories; The Toy Bus is out now and is available from Amazon

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