Nenuco Dolls Of The World Review

The world is an amazing place and Nenuco have released a range of dolls that come from all over the world.

As a family, we love to celebrate diversty and inclusion! Nenuco Dolls have created a range of dolls that represent Caucasian, African, Asiatic and Latin American babies. They fill a gap in the doll market that should have never been there in the first place and I can imagine it is an amazing feeling to finally find a doll that represents where you come from.

Each doll comes with clothes that can be washed and the doll can drink and pee without batteries. They are 35cm in size so will also fit in most doll accessories too.

Dolls such as the Nenuco Dolls of the World encourage nurturing skills, manual skills and a child’s imagination. There are so many benefits to getting a child a baby doll.

Brody is now getting to the age where he would love a baby doll of his own. he has played with his Sister’s before but he has wanted his own for a while. His Nenuco Doll is African doll. It is adorable and it is great to see everyone being represented. Brody carries round his Nenuco doll and even put her bed and down for a nap.

These dolls are incredible and they are out now!

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