Nic Blake And The Remarkables – Children’s Book Review

I feel like we are really getting in to this book reviewing aspect of the blog and the newest book to review is Nic Blake And The Remarkables by Angie Thomas

This new fast paced fantasy trilogy is inspired by African American history and folklore. It is all about a girl called Nic Blake and her journey to learn her gift as she wants to be as powerful as her father. A shocking secret and some amazing story telling is what makes this book an amazing read.

The tagline for this book is ‘It’s not easy being remarkable in a world where standing out is dangerous.’ It is a powerful tagline for a powerful fantasy book that is very hard to put down as I found with Elsa.

When this book came through the door, Elsa took it from me straight away. The front of the book really does draw the eyes to the book when it is sitting on a shelf and it really shows how magic the book is. This book is a middle grade debut for Angie Thomas and what a debut it is! Nic Blake And The Remarkables is 329 pages long so is a good read! The layout and wording of the book is great for children 8 years plus. Each child reads at a different level so introducing a book like this is great but just bare in mind that every child is different.

Elsa loved reading this book and even took it in to school as her reading book!

The reviews on this book already speak for themselves which The Guardian saying that ‘No one writes like Angie.’ and B.B. Alston saying that the book is ‘Bursting with heart and imagination.’ Even I read this book to see if the reviews were right and I have to say that they are. It is magical and like nothing that we have read before. The fact that it is inspired by African American history and folklore is just incredible and I am so happy that all children can read and learn about the history while also enjoying this amazing book.

Nic Blake And The Remarkables by Angie Thomas is out on the 4th April and will be priced at £7.99

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